MCenter by MeldaProduction


 "MCenter"by MeldaProduction, A Stereo imager that accurately separates the phantom center and achieves true mid/side balance

Product Summary

Find your true mid/side balance
MCenter was designed to maximize the potential of stereo signals. This simple yet powerful plugin is designed to give you unparalleled control over stereo quality. MCenter goes beyond traditional mid-side processing by offering advanced features for precisely manipulating the "phantom center" and remaining stereo signal.

phantom center control
MCenter lets you take charge of that elusive "phantom center" in your stereo signal. MCenter employs complex spectral algorithms to separate what actually sounds stereo from what actually sounds mono. This does not apply to mid/side processing. For example, just a hard panned track will be 50% mid and 50% side in terms of mid/side processing. , even though it sounds naturally three-dimensional. MCenter is suitable not only for mastering, but for any situation where true mid/side balance is required. For mixing purposes and creative uses.

The heart of the plugin
If you don't want to go into too much detail, MCenter is a one-knob operation. Using the CENTER/SIDES knob, you can adjust the balance between the center and side parts of your stereo to your satisfaction in less than a second.
Dual processing algorithm
Dual processing algorithm
Compare and contrast your results using MCenter's dual processing capabilities. It combines the precision of spectral processing with traditional mid-side operation, allowing you to choose the approach that best suits your creative vision.
Free-form frequency drawing
Use MCenter's freeform drawing capabilities to manipulate frequencies in detail. You can control each frequency individually and precisely sculpt your sound by shaping the response of individual frequency bands.

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