Phase Plant by Kilohearts

Phase Plant by Kilohearts, a highly versatile synthesizer that can be customized by freely combining the necessary components

kiloHearts ``Phase Plant'' is a highly customizable synthesizer that allows you to freely customize and load the oscillators, effects, and LFOs you need into patches to create any sound you want. Although it is a recent synth, it has become very popular, rivaling the likes of Serum.

Presets with over 400 macro controls are also available.
We want you to understand how phase plants work, and what's better than learning by doing it? Phase Plant provides an empty patch and you are free to add the required components as per your needs. Phase Plant gives you access to a variety of signal generators, effects, and modulators. By combining these, you can create any sound you can think of.
Professional sound designers work hard to create factory content for you to enjoy. Browse over 400 expertly crafted sounds, each with customized macro controls, for quick adjustments.

  • A new era of modular workflow with endless possibilities
  • Powerful generator section with high quality oscillators, wavetables, samples and noise generators
  • Revolutionary wavetable editor
  • From simple to complex signal routing
  • Advanced audio rate modulation
  • Unique modulation system including envelopes, LFOs, randomizers and more...
  • 3 modular effects lanes to host KiloheartsSnapin effects
  • Over 550 factory presets (all presets are fully functional no matter what Snapin you have)

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